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What in the World is God Doing (WPEO in Peoria, Illinois)

Steve Karges, president of Children’s Ministries International, Inc. and coordinator of Global 4/14 Day, was a guest on “What in the World is God Doing” radio program, hosted by Eli Beltran. This show was broadcast April 7, 2012 on WPEO 1120 AM in Peoria, Illinois. You can hear the entire 23 minute podcast by clicking here.

K-LOVE News Podcast

Steve Karges explains Global 4/14 Day in an interview with Jennifer James for K-LOVE Radio. You can hear the 2 minute podcast by clicking here.

Relazioni con la Stampa

Coordinatore: Steve Karges
Telefono: 001 (760) 746-1882 (8:00 AM — 8:00 PM, Pacific Standard Time USA)
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La Giornata Mondiale 4/14 è il 14 Aprile 2023. (Questa sarà una giornata internazionale di preghiera a favore dei bambini tra i 4 ed i 14 anni)

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